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The Trinity Awakening to Oversoul is the activation of our Quantum innate abilities, our awakening to a life lived from the heart, true heart awakening and Soul connection, is what the Workshop is for. The process and invocational opening of the Trinity fields alines our systems and our brains into an elevated state, http://www.toolsforwellness.com/brainstates.html. True healing comes from and through the heart and we can through the proper transmissions and calibrations increase our connective abilities, and learn to sharpen our focus. We will show the importance of the Trinity Field and how to open up and manifest it. This allows us to Quantify our consciousness to do profound healing. In the Workshops we learn how to work with the Trinity Field and how the one Divine consciousness uses a trinary system as its experession. This includes our Gut the emotional intuitve aspect (seed of Life), the heart and it's greater Mer-Ka-Ba consciousness (Flower of Life) and our Brain as the Divine peneal gland bridgeing of Metatron's Cube (Fruit of Life). The heart and trinary system calibrations we receive with our Oversoul, allows for the greater ability to clearly direct our pure intent with a coherence that allows us to send healing to others and the world. The Divine Diamond™ is a Transformational Sacred Geometric Living Light that is a very purifying highly evolved energy. it’s nature is to create effective change on a grand scale. The Workshop allows for our bodies to receive direct communication in the form of a cellular/molecular informational transference from the Living Light. Further pineal activations are stimulated through tones and the Workshop transmissions. This activates our systems intuitive sensory abilities into our higher evolutionary calling and that of this present day Paradigm that we are in. Every Workshop imprints your body directly with a Sacred Geometric Informational download from the Living Light, developing our Trinity and Oversoul connection and inner “Sacred Communicational Stars”. This Universal transmission is offered in a two day activation process of 16 hours. Because we are held and the process and energy continues Saturday night the actual energetics last 33 hours.


 Divine Diamond™ Sacred Star Activation Process of 2014


The New Workshop process is different then the original system of the last 6 yrs. We are all growing and evolving, and therefore are able to perceive differently and that gives us a different understanding of what is and always has been. So it is not that the Divine Diamond™ has changed, it is that we have changed and part of that change is reflected in the way we refer to the work. So we shift into a new energy simply by bringing in the 5D and higher Mar-Ka-Ba Sacred Soul Star. We have accomplished the Divine Diamond™ 3D (Die-mind) portion of the work, now we are developing our Sacred Soul Star aspect of the work. This is the second part of the Trilogy of the work of the Divine Diamond.

This part of the Trilogy is all about sensory development and our ability to distinguish from where we are sensing our emotions. Here is where we are deepening in our ability to directly participate in our own process of Self-mastery. The Sacred Soul Star is about shifting our attention toward our Soul, Higher Self or Sacred Self, the first five years of the Divine Diamond™ was to allows us to see that for us to connect to the Divine Diamond™ the mind must be out of the way (Die-mind). Both the Divine Diamond™ and Sacred Soul Star are similar like a trilogy is whole only from the sum of its parts, each progression is the foundation of the other.

Sensory development and distinction of emotions can only truly come after it has become clearly understood in the collective consciousness of humanity through enough individual’s on the earth becoming aware, that to connect to the Divine we need to remove the illusion of mind. This has happened and is currently establishing the 5D second part of the Trilogy of humanity and that is the work we are doing and what it has always has been about, the furthering of the evolution of the species.

With the profound deepening of the Trinity Field in 2013/14 we are now able to begin to establish a stronger connection with the Oversoul. In this process we will be more in Direct communication with our Quantum Selves for the Oversoul is the part of us that our Higher Mind/Selves are directed by. When we do healing it is our Higher Mind/Selves that are helping us to accomplish that and the energy from which they access what we need comes through the Oversoul. The workshop is now developing more then our Multidimensional systems which is what helps to more directly make a stronger connection with our Higher Mind/Selves. The Trinity connection in the workshop will be utilized and expanded in the necessary ways that will give us access to a deeper and deeper Oversoul connection, and we will go through a series or Trinity of Awakenings.



We are directly benifited by registering in advance because this allows the process to begin more effectively before the dates of the workshop. This conditons the system and adds to the Trinity Pledge before the weekend starts, everyone will get handouts and have to sign thier Trinity pledge on Saturday. The signed statements, our pledge are to transform our old patterns in order to bring in the new patterns, you will also be given some current written information with the specific guidelines for the focus of the weekend. This will be for you and will compound the results of the workshop.


Please help us in starting all activations on time, bring a clock with you ! We will clear you as you enter with a Tachyon Wand and the sound of a Zeal Point and Heart tuned Crystal Bowls and special frequency music. The room will be specially set up and we will enter the room together as a group, take our place and hold the atmosphere as a sacred space, our weekend sanctuary.  The room will also have  a special Tachyon field physically setup.


It is recommended to start purifying a few days before by drinking more water and trying to eating more fruits and vegetables and live foods as possible. We leave this totally up to you and it is only for you to have the experience of a lighter and less acidic diet with more fresh and live foods. Remember to practice blessing your food and water and start making a prayer a few days before the weekend to help you maximize your experience, all we are asking is to honor yourself, do not do anything that makes you upset or is to uncomfortable. The weekends will be very purifying so the above recommendations are only enhancements to that purification and are not an obligation.


THE INFORMATION BELOW IS JUST A GENERAL GUIDELINE, THE ORDER MAY VARY AND WE WILL IMPROVISE.  We will be starting the activation process with a brief verbal explanation (OVERSOUL INFO.) VIDEO ? We will actually be working with opening the Trinity field and connecting to our oversoul. Gautami and Aniruddhan opening the Trinity field with Crystal Singing Bowls and their voices in a structured Terra Tachyon field along with the new energetic initiations they have had allows the quantum field to go a totally new Oversoul level. We may do specific tones while looking at a power point projection of some dimensional art work to further enhance our peneal galnd, to stimulate and open our genetic systems and our multidimensional sensory abilities. This will be followed by the informational downloads with at the end possibly some specific anatomical postures and specific instructions on the inhalation and exhalations with further specialized tones. The middle and end of the process will have some silence, finishing with a meditation. There will be a 60min lunch break and we ask you to write down any questions, we will do our best in the beginning of each session to answer Questions. The afternoon may start with a specific breathing exercise practice to further open and precisely stimulate the body and energy systems combined with tones, during this time and possiblly in the morning session Gautami and Aniruddhan may go around with the crystal singing bowls and transmit individually some specific energetic initiations. The activations will be mainly done without verbal explanation and silence in the middle followed by a power point projection of specific pineal activation art work with some exercises and more tones. All the exercises and tones are to be done by the group, there will be more practice of opening the Trinity Field and connection with the Oversoul. In the process we will be given specific visualizations to focus on at the same time and we will also listen to specific tones and special activation music. We will finish with a our Mer-Ka-Ba activation and meditation Saturday evening. The quantum field will be held by your systems Saturday evening, so the activation process will continue throughout the night, it is recommended you rest and stay calm and tune inward.


THE INFORMATION BELOW IS JUST A GENERAL GUIDELINE, THE ORDER MAY VARY AND WE WILL IMPROVISE. Sunday we will start with movement exercises and energetic clearing techniques to release what has surfaced from Saturdays activation and evening. Sunday will be similar to Saturday we will improvise and there will be more practice of opening the Trinity Field and connection with the Oversoul. We will end with Meditation and after the weekend activation process has finished, we hope to have some forms to fill out or you can do that later through the website, once we set up an online survey about your experience and specifics you would like to share about the processes you would like to do more of and any further comments.



What we are calling Meditation is partially a contemplation, visualization and mental relaxation practice to learn to be more fully present and generate the experience of inner silence which is the True state of Meditation.


- Workshops may be taken for sensory development, or for personal growth, quantum healing abilities and acceleration of spiritual development

- Workshops also deepen our own personal healing abilities, the healing effects of other work, alternative care, or allopathic medicine


Workshop Benefits

- Increases the vibration on a cellular and energetic level within and around the body

- Clears energetic blockages in the meridian pathways, energetic bodies & the physical body

- Opens the heart to receive greater Divine love and more connectivity with all life

- Makes it easier to become more present, grounded and to be freer from distractions

- Heals emotional issues (trauma, grief, fear)

- Soul connection to the Divine becomes stronger

- Can work deeper to heal physical ailments

- Experience more tranquility and a lasting sense of peace at the core of the heart

- Learn ideas that can apply practically to life; learn how to maintain the Divine connection established during the workshop

- Harmonic frequencies permanently evolve the system--even after the first activation workshop

Workshops are 16 hours over the entire weekend, including the holding of the field Saturday night means you will get 33 hrs. of the group energetic field and be worked on Saturday night, (you will be laying down, come prepared)



How we develop the sensory system and the ability to clearly distinguish our emotions in a more highly evolved way? By first understanding that this is an actual aspect of our higher sensory systems own evolutionary path. Knowing that our senses and emotions are  more then what we may presently understand them to be. Our feelings are different then our senses and are not about the truth or reality, and therefore once we consciously accept that we have a greater undeveloped aspect; the work begins. Not only is this a more highly evolved system of our genetics but also this system is consciously operated. For example, it is a Wi-Fi system and the lower emotions and feelings we are familiar with using are hard wired. So that means we only need to learn how to connect and communicate, the system is already entangled with our Higher Selves and Divine DNA, which is the quantum multidimensional aspect of who we already are.

In a 3D reality, the denser familiar hard-wired system of our survival history was recording our experiences in such a way as to help maintain our survival and reinforce our 3D reality. This means our emotions in the past could only be understood from a 3D perceptual level, and therefore where actually preventing us from awakening and developing any higher dimensional systems, even after we may have consciously become aware of these systems.

This survival mechanism of our 3D needs to be clearly understood, as having a built in fail safe system which prevents higher evolutionary informational access. Because the 3D system simply cannot detect the higher energy and as it is designed to support the illusion that makes up survival, it (this primitive emotional instinct) fears the unknown and moves away from all sources that are not 3D. Therefore only a small aspect of our human brains is necessary for our 3D survival, and our hearts being much more then just a physical pump with multidimensional and Quantum capacity cannot be realized from a 3D perspective. Even if we sense and access this part of our hearts, our own built in fail safe system will shun, fear and cause us to initially have an emotional survival reaction of fear, such as but not limited to a uncomfortable feeling in the stomach which pulls our attention down from where our consciousness would need to go to access our multidimensional and Quantum abilities. This is what is known as a built in self-(little self)-sabotage system.

Today enough of the people have awakened consciously to create a shift in the collective anchoring of this multidimensional field on earth, and our conscious acceptance of this fact is needed, that our own heart fields are entangled with this greater dimensional reality we are living in. This has and is causing a break down of the shells and structures of beliefs that in the past prevented us from consciously accepting our own evolution and making the collective change needed for this dawning in our consciousness to arise. Today that dawn is here on the horizon and the inevitable outcome of this light breaking above the horizon of our consciousness is just a matter of time. Enough of us through our attention and focus of our conscious will with determination and conviction, will keep the clouds of the old ways and limited 3D thinking and beliefs from casting their shadows upon us and the earth.

This is simply the time to choose to open up and accept the new light of the more highly evolved and consciously aware choices we have. This light presently is undetectable to our systems 3D in the same way our ancestor who died before 1960 would not be able to understand the technological world in which we are living in, it would only be after some time of adjustment and exposure and saturation of this new world of ours which we are living today that the understanding in them would blossom and they would become familiar and comfortable in this new world. We are in the same exact situation, in the next 10 yrs. we will be consciously leaps and bounds ahead of where we are now in many areas of our lives.

Because we are conscious beings with free will and choice we need to align our choices with what may presently be of the unknown and just outside of our ability to see, being our current vision is oriented still to the 3D spectrum, we need time to be able to adapt to the multidimensional vision. This multidimensional energy is all around us and now that we are able to choose using our free will, accepting with the proper conviction and understanding that the ability to see what is there is still imperceptible to us. Intending to align our consciousness to this Quantum energy regardless of our current undeveloped perception of it. This conviction of will and choice is the exact ingredient needed and further supports the dismantling of our false secure known 3D reality. With our pure intention from our hearts and faith in the Divine, into this greater evolutionary process we enter through the door of the unknown completely naked, which is the only way we can pass through this door from 3D to 5D.

To our 3D perception on this side of the door we cannot see, know or understand anything that is before us as we enter into the door, and as we pass through this indeterminable passage only understanding that the sighs of which way to go will appear, because it is part of the Divine formula or blueprint of our systems which further re-calibrates with each sign that will guiding us to the next system updates we need as we are passing from 3D into 5D and greater perceptual abilities. All of this information needs to be implemented into your consciousness and in doing so you will lose nothing and grain everything because the 3D in 5D does not disappear, just like you do not disappear when you fall asleep and from 3D you cannot enter into a dream, and the dream is something you experience your entire life but your 5D remains a mystery to your 3D consciousness. While you in the dream are fully there in your 3D even if in the dream you are flying and experience yourself as weightless, your physical aspect remains. Once you become one with your 5D and greater multidimensional Self you will understand clearly how primitive and barbaric we all where, when we look back a few generations from now. You can be guaranteed one thing and that is there will be much more Love, Compassion and Understanding for all life in the future, we will have more peace and the world we are living in will also be full of peace.

Everything here you are reading and being asked to do and seriously consider will only enhance our life further and support the health of our species and evolution, thank you for your time and enjoy this opportunity to be in and actually participate in the transition form 3D to a 5D and greater reality.