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I would like to share about the acceleration process we are going through at this time, the new energy of this cycle is marked by 12/21/2012 and the first year after that was just a recalibration time.

We have entered into a totally new energy and era, to actually be able to handle this new energy and shift into this new way of being, our systems need to be recalibrated.

My personal experience about this is biased on the Idea that through my own energetic work and intention to meet this energy over the years, allowed for the necessary de-densification/purification to already take place. So this is only my opinion, biased upon the assumption and one personal experience of what appears to be an elevated energetic.

Purification is necessary and part of this acceleration process, this includes more then just physical, it includes a much more challenging component, our thoughts and consciousness.

For our consciousness to be purified we need awareness (alertness), the component of our consciousness that is needing to be shifted is our mind. To recalibrate and alter this mind we need to develop a strong connection with our heart, an intuitive ability to self analyze and discriminate. This learned ability to discern our own thoughts and actions in order to make the necessary improvements in our mental analysis patterns.

Lets define this with two examples. One, our normal operating system has been and may still be one of survival includes, which will naturally include (a voice of strong opinion) passively in the background or actively present in the personality, “a strong ego”. Two, our true nature, an advanced or spiritually mature operating system, which is very aware and present, a great listener, that is perfectly and appropriately responsive.

Operating system one has opinions, beliefs, rules, moods, likes, dislikes etc. and lives in a world of limitation and duality. This is the familiar and most common operating system and it prevents us from accessing the second operating system, for it cannot actually serve us in this new energy.

Operating system two allows us to live in duality with total freedom because this system is not from duality. Giving us the ability to be present, listening and responding naturally to every situation. With this advanced spiritually mature operating system, dualistic thinking is completely bypassed, because for those who listen the truth reveals itself. We call this Grace, it is much more then that because it contains complete Love, Faith, Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude. These are known as the Beatitudes, the Seven Sacred Attributes and this is able to be lived when we are able to completely let go of the first operating system.

When we adopt the attitude of a student of life, and our real education in this University of life is to gain spiritual maturity. This then allows us to listen and if we understand there are pop quizzes and tests from the universe, life then becomes a learning growing experience that we are receptive to rather then reactive too. This allows us to then be more relaxed and to take the situations that come to us as an opportunity to demonstrate our maturity, knowledge and wisdom. Adopt this attitude and you can more easily learn to be the master and overcome all situations.

We may have learned to survive and even are currently addicted to a system of belief that is no longer necessary for us, if we just become clear that this system to which we may be clinging is now actually taking us away from living. When we understand that by holding on to this old system of survival, will actually end our ability to live in this new environment. Like holding on to a heavy stone when the water is raising above our heads, we must let go to live, to survival in this new environment we need to let go of the old stones of thinking (survival). Fear, anger, jealousy, greed, hearted, control, power, expectation, envy, lust, superiority, manipulation, approval, status, strictness, inflexibility, judgment, criticism, condemnation, comparisons, prejudice, lying, cheating, hostility, negativity, hording, righteousness, indifference, reactivity, aggression, violence etc…...

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Before I share my personal experience over the last two years, let me remind you that in the Divine Diamond™, we work with the “ONE” as ourselves, using the Seven Sacred Attributes, the Trinity, as a tri-nary consciousness, (Higher mind (pineal), Heart and Gut, "intuition"). The entire focus of the Divine Diamond™ is with this ONE, "our Soul connection". D.D. is an established and supported connection that allows us to have clearer intuitive communication, deepening our intuition, our inner knowing. We consider the collective intelligence of our DNA is this Tri-nary conscious system, our innate intelligence, with an energetic system also known as the *Mer-Ka-Ba.

Personally my life choices, my spiritual focus and attention, the work we are doing, all the travels, workshops, events and serving Amma are all very much involved in my deeper shared awakening?

Yes ones personal transformation is specifically experienced around the Divine Diamond™ principals, philosophy and system that is not unique or original, we work with the eternal truths in a modernized approach.

I first noticed in the end of 2013 the absence of fear and a feeling of total trust, this was evident in my life experiences and there was/is many situations that clearly showed me this new profound place of my consciousness.

In the beginning of 2015, the awareness of a new consciousness and perception became crystalized especially in Australia at Ayers Rock Uluru. There it was profoundly obvious that I totally lost, or my consciousness completely transcended all ability to Judge. This was so profound and strange at first that it felt like my brain changed or that part of it was cut out. To actually have a totally new way of seeing and perceiving the world.

The way to explain this is that there are no preferences about anything, no opinions at all, a total acceptance of what is by being able to clearly see the big picture. There is this natural and obvious understanding about all situations, this awareness that the people or situations are just a result or consequence of past actions or learned behaviors.

The work with the Divine Diamond™ and ones life experiences have established and anchored the Seven Sacred Attributes, this means basically that Love, Faith, Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Grace have become 100% present in ones being and consciousness.

The Divine Diamond™ being about our Soul connection, an open communication with our higher perceptions, which we have defined as our tri-nary consciousness, (Higher Mind (pineal), Heart and intuition). We can simply say an alignment of our Head, Heart and Gut that awakens a greater perception, helps us feel a strong connection and support with ourselves, and all of life.

Over the years people have individually been transformed and positively affected by the Divine Diamond™. We have seen in those who really resonate with the work profound changes and like a great and loving guidance system that patiently helps each individual at there own pace. It is because of this that we continue to facilitate and share this work and process, to connect inwardly in order to find the answers and get the guidance we need. When we reach our souls our lives become Grace.

*Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.

Aniruddhan & Gautami PDF Print E-mail


We are never alone and we just need to learn to ask inwardly with our hearts what we need to know. We cannot do this with our heads or partial belief, we must have total faith that we are heard and will be responded to. We have to learn to be open, looking for the answers, through people, symbols, images etc. Then we need to learn to act on our hunches and to trust and not doubt in our sense of what is right, not needing someone else’s opinion. This is the ABC’s of spiritual maturity, take your time and be patient, the journey of a 1000 miles has many steps, just keep going towards your self mastery as a master on the path.

Aniruddhan & Gautami May 2nd 2015 PDF Print E-mail


We have all been adjusting to the new energy, and my wife Gautami and I have been traveling and participating in many wonderful events around the world. Our life is a constant calibration and energetic acceleration process, so we know all about the symptoms both physically and energetically.

Seem as we are being asked to step up to the plate and be player in the unfolding of the new energy, raise our consciousness, it is our consciousness that needs to be reborn.

A conscious rebirth is challenging because this is a totally unknown new territory, we have a history of survival and no real experience of oneness or unity consciousness. To transform our analytical, judgmental survival natures and learn to relax and receive the answers can for some of us have a hidden resistance.

Actually being stimulation addicts in the modern world, caffeine, white sugar, TV, cell phones, computers, music, movies etc. We have in general lost our ability to be present, most of us need some type of rehab to be able to return to our being and that takes our energy, attention and discipline to break any addiction.

For many of us we do not even know we are addicted to stimulation, it is just the way life is, it is normal and yet it is totally abnormal if we are not detached. We may have to Diet or fast for a while to regain self control and once we have gained detachment then the material world does not control us for we have learned to be, not to depend but to participate if we choose. Our source of joy or peace allows us to enjoy the world without being of the world, to live in the world but not be limited by the world and its objects.

Our website offers many links to wonderful works and information to support this type of empowerment of a higher consciousness. For us to raise our consciousness we need healing and support, the greatest healing is making the inner connection finding our wisdom and sometimes that may need some external help or facilitation to reconnect.

If we can see and sense we have become disconnected then that is a very important step to take on our journey of rehabilitation. We are here to support and help as best as we can. Love to all of you who are awake to this University of life we are living here on Earth.

January 29th 2015 PDF Print E-mail

My Wife and I travel a lot and we are in contact with many people doing courses, retreats, workshops and seminars both as participants and facilitators. The one thing we see the most in our international travel and work is that people have forgotten their natural ability to discern the truth. We all have this ability, to know what is true for us in any given moment. What we commonly see is that people ask others what their truth is and then many times take that answer, which is another persons experience and personal point of view. This gives our power away and if it is not our personal experience! Then it is going to lead us into that persons reality and being we do not really understand or have the personal knowledge of someone’s else reality, we will be living a lie. If we then tell others what we believe as if it is true for us when in reality we do not really know what we are saying.

This is like believing what we may see or hear on TV, assuming it to be true we may tell others and even sell it a true, only later when we find out that it is a lie, do we realize we where foolish and also everyone else that we might of tried to convince.

The thing we need to do is listen and then decide what feels correct and when it is deeper more profound information, it is best to sit with contemplate and mediate on the information. We need to be able to develop with practice the feeling "hunch" that what see, saw or we hear is true.

This is the most important sense we can and need to develop, especially in this time, this new millennium

December 14th 2014 PDF Print E-mail


The one thing that can teach us the most is usually during our times of silence, I have written very little the past 6 months, and what I would like to say is may we all become clearer in our definitions of who we are and the world we live in.

We all have the ability to know what is true and what is not true independent of what others may feel is true or not. It is time we stand up and stand together with others in our truth, for even if our truth may slightly vary from those we stand up with, the acceptance of the variable brings beauty. Life flowers are different and the same, accepting of each others differences is what make us beautiful and is a valuable human Quality.

As we mature and evolve away from aggressive primitive behavior, gathering together with like hearted individuals and yes if necessary protesting the older systems and ways that need to be challenged. We are the one who will initiate the needed changes, in order for greater progress to be made in the institution we support. (Industrial, Political, Civil Service, Education, Health Care etc….)

Thanks to the Pope, who is actually doing this with the institution of Religion and standing with other religions in full acceptance of each others differences, standing together and pledging to end all forms of slavery, we salute you and all those including us who support this great act of unity.

Once we accept that there is imbalance and mental illness among the populations of the earth, of which we have the means to non-violently help to heal, or at least save the parts that can be saved and in doing so stop the spread of the cancer of injustice and violence.

If we can learn to ask for help and accept help when the environment we may be in is no longer able to provide the simple basic atmosphere that a child deserves. As we overtime extend help to all individuals in situations that we would consider unhealthy for a child, lacking the basic fundamental love that is necessary for healthy mental development. Even if there is a lack of water, food, clothing and shelter, as long as there is love and the principals of a healthy family structure individuals can excel and prosper.

The body of humanity may have some cancer cells, we are not terminal and the cure and medicine is available, the cure is love and acceptance, accepting that we may be sick is the first step to finding the cure. May we send love to our judgments and criticisms first so as to be able to extend that love to others just like we would to a wound on our own bodies. This work is the reason for being away from writing, the love is growing in our family, our relationships and the focus is looking deeply into receiving and being received. Love to you all.

Aniruddhan Sept. 9th 2014 PDF Print E-mail


Have been enjoying being unplugged, so over the past two months have been doing inner work, and seeing clearly the monkey mind jumping around wanting attention. Able to maintain the well earned neutrality has allowed acceptance of the mental distractions, there has been some peace but the mental weather over the past two months personally has been full of activity. As always it is good to look at astrology and work with awareness to maintain a non-reactive nature to the fluctuations of mind.

Please remember that when we are able to respond from the present and accept what is, we do not create the repercussion, the returning energy that reaction creates.

Responding from the present is the best solution to life and by doing so we do not cause ripples or waves that can bounce us around. Even is the mind is storming we can stay in the presence of our hearts like being deeply submerged while big waves are crashing on the surface of our minds.

This ability to accept and not react can be challenging because the mind has a seductive power a pulling energy and the only anchor sometimes is deep breathing and focusing on the tools that help us stay present in our hearts.

The very best from personal experience are: Nasal breathing with the Heart, like our mouth and nose are there, relaxing and enjoying the pause between the full inhalation and especially relishing the pause of the exhalation; deeply relaxing here, watch and see if you can relax the eyes, muscles around, the eyes, temples and behind the eyes (to actually think that area will tighten). Work with just these for now they are the master techniques.

Also the last Blog July 12th is nice just re-read it and enjoyed the message so just thought that if you have not? Enjoy it also.

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We are all in the same boat together in that we as a species are being called to choose a different way of living in the world.

This is an astrological and cosmic occurrence, it is not coming from our history, nor is some outside authority imposing this evolutionary event upon us.

What we choose to make of this event that is on our cosmic horizon, is completely up to our free will, it is our choice.

Some of us will naturally as a species in this window of evolution try to hold onto the cocoon of old beliefs and conditioning, out of fear of change.

For those who are open and ready the butterfly of new consciousness is emerging for us to awaken to an extraordinary new life.

Yes we have no reference of what that reality will be like, for the caterpillar is a much more limited being, unable to fly or survive on the same diet as the butterfly, even though they are the same, they are different.

It is our consciousness that is coming out of the cocoon of limitation and it is completely different in every way, initially our bodies and our diets may stay the same.

As we physically catch up genetically with this new consciousness, there will be gradual changes in our desirers our experience of pleasure and our perceptions, leading to evident physiological changes over generations.

For most of us humans our lives are currently generated by our subconscious beliefs and conditioning, this is because our history comes out of a more primitive need for survival.

Our ego brains like the caterpillar instinctually eats and consumes everything around it, it is driven in its primitive genetics to consume constantly.

We have been functioning in a more primitive phase of our evolution where our ego’s where important to our survival and our reality was in general to fulfill our egoistic needs and cravings. Hence we can see the effect of that upon the earth, very similar to what many caterpillars will do to a tree.

As we are awakening consciously to being more then our selfish ego’s needs and desires, like many of the humans being born and currently living on the earth are already aware and living this new evolution, we are no longer willing to live the old ways with the old cultural, religious, and ethnic beliefs as our ancestors.

This is a transition phase, and it is natural that those who have greatly benefited from the old system will resist this change, in fear of losing control to the new system, they may instinctually cling to their fading ideologies and behaviors of survival.

Eventually those primitive more violent generations will transition with the older survival genetics and beliefs, so that in a few short generations we will be living in a totally New World.

One final point to examine is this New World, is that it is far beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Please seek it out among the population now, those with a greater vision then the current collective view, the us who will indoctrinate our own future collective vision and those of the new generations to come.

As we begin to emulate those who are here living this extraordinary life of abundance for all. As more and more humans upon this earth are living and creating this abundance, an abundance that when attained actually creates more for everyone around, for this new abundance is a collective abundance that eventually includes every human, creature and plant on earth. Imagine that and make it our reality!

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Now that it has been 2 weeks sense we became aware of this Triad of energy that is being transmitted through the moon to humanity, it has given our work with the Divine Diamond time to experience it in Group healings, Quantum Healings, Trinity Awakening to Oversoul Workshops and in Privates sessions.

Wow is all we can say for from the very first experiences two weeks ago of the energy life has not been the same, for us it is like the discovery of electricity, for the illuminating factor is exactly what we are using for.

We are working with the Triad that was introduced to us formally in L.A. California through Bashar, I was just a few days before feeling that in my gut something that would be able to connect to the Oversoul Tree of Humanity. This phenomenal energy was experienced directly in person and is called Epiphany, Epsilon and Eclipse. The moon is simply for the earth the transmitting station for this Collective energy to be focused through.

The only other thing we will share about this is we are using it with great results to work on the subconscious survival consciousness of our brain, we simply intend the energy to delete this fear based storage system of our brains that 90% of our lives are generated from, and replace it with Love, laughter and giggles.

To keep it simple we are able to focus out hearts intent in a coherent quantum state, with the Divine Diamond Theta Trinity field, and that allows us to hypnotically delete the survival patterns and replace them with love. More simply said the original memories of distress that where recorded subconsciously could of expanded in Love rather then contracted. In Truth we source these and get the brain to look at what is happening now, the participants are relaxed in peace with us, the brain actually experiences this energy and instantly replaces that contraction with an expanding experience.

To know more about this ever evolving Quantum work: www.divinediamond.org take a look !

The new Triad of energy from the moon makes the whole process move to another level, a restless more mentally active participant who attends regularly these events said that this was the first time that it knocked her out in the very beginning, and she said it was really deep, she even had to get up to use the toilet and was knocked out again quickly. Being knocked out for a restless and more mental person is a good indicator of the power of the new energy to quickly move us out of a active Alpha brain wave.

In the workshop in New York we could see the same thing, the participants where taken so deeply so fast and the ones who usually are more active where out and the others who have been to many events said that this was the strongest and deepest experiences they had ever had, even the way they referenceing themselves and their minds where clearly seem. This was stated as awareness that the old me and behavior seemed "stupid" also "I could not think in the old way, it was strange because I could not even find the old way I thought before the workshop that was so familiar". 

Aniruddhan June 24th 2014 PDF Print E-mail


Is anyone else feeling the energy coming from the moon? it seems to of started Friday June 20th. Wow is my reaction? Really sense a strong resonance to the new energy coming to the earth from the moon, seems to be connected to humanity. The intuition to go deeper in the Oversoul connection with the collective, the Oversoul of Humanity is ready to be reached. This has been confirmed by Bashar over the weekend also, and on Saturday I was able to talk with him personally and get confirmation on the way the Trinity Awakening to Oversoul is working with the Mer-Ka-Ba, Pineal and our connection we make with the Soul Star multidimensionally.

Everyone who would like to experience this initiation/activation needs to register now and come to an offered event, we also offer free events as an introduction to this extraordinary energy, called the Divine Diamond Connection, or Quantum Healing. Hope to see you and share more with you about this significant calibration that awakens all of our senses more profoundly.

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