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I would like to share about the acceleration process we are going through at this time, the new energy of this cycle is marked by 12/21/2012 and the first year after that was just a recalibration time.

We have entered into a totally new energy and era, to actually be able to handle this new energy and shift into this new way of being, our systems need to be recalibrated.

My personal experience about this is biased on the Idea that through my own energetic work and intention to meet this energy over the years, allowed for the necessary de-densification/purification to already take place. So this is only my opinion, biased upon the assumption and one personal experience of what appears to be an elevated energetic.

Purification is necessary and part of this acceleration process, this includes more then just physical, it includes a much more challenging component, our thoughts and consciousness.

For our consciousness to be purified we need awareness (alertness), the component of our consciousness that is needing to be shifted is our mind. To recalibrate and alter this mind we need to develop a strong connection with our heart, an intuitive ability to self analyze and discriminate. This learned ability to discern our own thoughts and actions in order to make the necessary improvements in our mental analysis patterns.

Lets define this with two examples. One, our normal operating system has been and may still be one of survival includes, which will naturally include (a voice of strong opinion) passively in the background or actively present in the personality, “a strong ego”. Two, our true nature, an advanced or spiritually mature operating system, which is very aware and present, a great listener, that is perfectly and appropriately responsive.

Operating system one has opinions, beliefs, rules, moods, likes, dislikes etc. and lives in a world of limitation and duality. This is the familiar and most common operating system and it prevents us from accessing the second operating system, for it cannot actually serve us in this new energy.

Operating system two allows us to live in duality with total freedom because this system is not from duality. Giving us the ability to be present, listening and responding naturally to every situation. With this advanced spiritually mature operating system, dualistic thinking is completely bypassed, because for those who listen the truth reveals itself. We call this Grace, it is much more then that because it contains complete Love, Faith, Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude. These are known as the Beatitudes, the Seven Sacred Attributes and this is able to be lived when we are able to completely let go of the first operating system.

When we adopt the attitude of a student of life, and our real education in this University of life is to gain spiritual maturity. This then allows us to listen and if we understand there are pop quizzes and tests from the universe, life then becomes a learning growing experience that we are receptive to rather then reactive too. This allows us to then be more relaxed and to take the situations that come to us as an opportunity to demonstrate our maturity, knowledge and wisdom. Adopt this attitude and you can more easily learn to be the master and overcome all situations.

We may have learned to survive and even are currently addicted to a system of belief that is no longer necessary for us, if we just become clear that this system to which we may be clinging is now actually taking us away from living. When we understand that by holding on to this old system of survival, will actually end our ability to live in this new environment. Like holding on to a heavy stone when the water is raising above our heads, we must let go to live, to survival in this new environment we need to let go of the old stones of thinking (survival). Fear, anger, jealousy, greed, hearted, control, power, expectation, envy, lust, superiority, manipulation, approval, status, strictness, inflexibility, judgment, criticism, condemnation, comparisons, prejudice, lying, cheating, hostility, negativity, hording, righteousness, indifference, reactivity, aggression, violence etc…...