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Aniruddhan and Gautami are meerly the custodians of this work and their energy together is represenative of the Divine Union when we have balanced our male and female energy. It is simply their intention and commitment as a couple to support others in acheiving greater internal and external balance, and helping to facilitate the connection to this beautiful work. We are both very greatful to Amma, for her love, teachings, guidance and Grace. This Divine gratitude and faith is the most important thing in both of our lives and is our constant focus in all the work we do.

The Divine Diamond is an energetic presence that is always there in our lives, like a cell phone needs a receiving dish and satellite to make a call. The Divine Diamond is equally the receiver and sender for us to connect more clearly with our Divine aspects like a Divine server, it is our DSL (Divine Spiritual Link). It is during these times of great planetary and consciousness change that we become more accessible and available, especially for those who begin to look for a greater energetic connection with our higher Mind/Selves, our Divine DNA and multidimensional aspects. 

Aniruddhan seen here with his wife Gautami share the Divine Diamond as a couple, offering personal and group healings, workshops, and specialized Divine Diamond™ Quantum cellular reprograming work. The work of Divine Diamond is a Trinity energy that ia directed through our hearts intention, they facilitate and help others to connect to this universal healing, that through heart coherence can be shared and transmitted to groups of any size. Please take the time to see and enjoy the Heart Math video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdneZ4fIIHE&feature=player_embedded#t=0

Together with this connection there is a special unifying energy (the seed of life, the seven sacred attributes) a sacred geometric Trinity Field, like a manifesting Mer-Ka-Ba of the energetic or spiritual heart (the flower of life). The ability to harness and work with the Divine Diamond manifested for him in 2007 after 26yrs of practicing holistic therapy. It was the meeting of Gautami in the fall of 2009 that brought the work to its full potential, an homogeneous balance of male and female that opened up the Trinity Field and what today we call the Sacred Soul Star, which is the pure part of us all.

The Divine Diamond is a Quantum multidimensional manifestation of Love — a living, conscious, feminine, sacred geometric light/energy that is nothing short of our truest essence. It’s called the Divine Diamond because its nourishing light/energy is like a spiritual sun or star. The energy comes through the Oversoul, our soul, through the portal of our higher Mind/Selves. It is a profound pineal and heart connection, as a living geometric diamond like structure that filters the energy in a myriad of ways that is best for each of us.

When you experience the Divine Diamond, especially in groups, it manifests in the room, in the group, in you.  Giving its living, conscious nature, intimately connected to and a part of us, it communicates with every cell in our body and with our consciousness. It can literally bring higher consciousness from beyond the 4th dimension into a room and into our body, facilitating great transformation.

The Divine Diamond is a part of and one with the supra-conscious aspect of life, in the family of one, of the light of creation (the light which is part of all the Dimensions), the structure by which everything is manifested; like the DNA of Divinity.

Ultimately, the Divine Diamond is Divinely mysterious to us who live here in this 3/4 dimensional reality based in linear time and thinking. Just because we may not be able to fully understand does not stop us from being able to experience and receive profound changes, healing and transformations. “Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true. Richard Bach” / See more explained in this video.