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The very first message after the Divine Diamond Healing energy and consciousness manifested was to keep it alive and share it with the World. It would be facilitated, was to be offered as a Seva (selfless service) and a non-profit institute would need to be created in order for its material manifestation to be put back into it, rather for someone’s personal gain.

That felt right because it followed the lifelong prayer that was made, which we could say attracted us to each other.  One can only express the feeling that we have always known each other, for there is a Divine familiarity with this energy which makes it feel like an eternal friendship or bond.

The guidance It gives is through becoming still and silent with a heartfelt listening. Here, the communications are clear feelings that are able to not be interpreted, but simply followed. The work is given on a need to know basis, making it stay alive for it can only be offered or manifested in the moment. Because that is how one has learned to live life, it is just a show and tell.

The Divine Diamond Institute is today a reality. Having been legally founded in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 24th 2010, as a registered non-profit association, its mission is to "design, promote, implement and support programs, projects and actions of social, cultural spiritual, environmental and civic nature, in national territory and abroad, in the fields of science, technology, health, education and spirituality, in order to promote physical and spiritual transformation, development, harmonious balance and well-being for the human condition, all living beings and the environment through, but not limited to, activities including meditations, training, research, workshops, lectures, conferences, gatherings, concerts, theater, dance, music, organization of festivals and other artistic manifestations, production of films, multimedia and literary work, and other associative activities not herein specified".

The Divine Diamond Institute’s structure, according to Portuguese law, is currently comprised of three main social bodies: the Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the Fiscal Council, each one having three members that volunteered to perform the corresponding duties.

As an association, the Institute’s supreme body is the General Assembly, which represents the will of all its members. This legal framework fits the essence and main purpose of the Institute, from and for unity and community.

The Institute is in the beginning and currently all the work is mainly done the Board of Directors. Moving forward will take some time and goodwill from other people, so we invite you to stay with us, watch us grow and maybe even join us and help us making It possible! Presently in 2013 the Idea and vission of this Institute is still to be realized, Aniruddhan and Gautami are being internally guided and are constantly working to give to others the guidance that they receive from the Divine Diamond, which is in and a part of all of us.

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