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Aniruddhan and Natércia

Aniruddhan and Gautami currently live in Portugal where they are working to further establish the Divine Diamond Institute (Association) and manage the Divine Diamond therapy space in Lisbon. They also travel around the world sharing and facilitating healing and Activation Workshops to the global community.

Aniruddhan is a facilitator that dedicated his life to the healing arts. Having studied and practised healing for over 27 years now, he has training as Massage Therapist, Shaman, Yogi, Reiki Master and Senior Practitioner of Vortex Healing®, also being a devotee of Amma for 25 years.

Gautami is a facilitator and was born with the gift of being able to access the akashic records. When she was a small child she used to play with healing and she would see geometric shapes in space. Since very early she started working with the flower of life. Nowadays she is a Master in Reiki, Magnified Healing and a Professional Vortex Healer, as well as a devotee of Amma.

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Cátia e Pedro

Cátia feels very deeply her connection to her guardian angel since she was little.Also a deep sensation to a higher energy that loves us unconditionally. She comes from a family that believes in spirits, light beings, read he future and help people.Her grandmother works with the violet flame and Saint Germain and his aunt had a spiritual help center.

She was always very curious about the esoteric world and red a lot about it and realized many workshops, travel and meet Amma.

She is Reiki Master from 10 years, and since then never stop working her personal and spiritual development always interested in the healing arts.

She was always a Therapist but only now she does it professionally as Reiki Master, Multidimensional Therapy, Flower Remedies, Coaching and Angelic Therapy with Cristals.

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Cher Carden

Cher Elyse Carden is an ordained minister, psychic medium, aromatherapy practitioner, colon therapist and artist who offers assistance to health seekers through a variety of services. For 25 years Cher has assisted clients who are looking for improved health and guidance during times of life changes and challenges. She is dedicated to helping her clients improve the quality of their life experience by offering specific tools to bring out each person's recuperative and resolution skills.

The Divine Diamond has made a profound difference in her life and she is pleased and honored to be a facilitator.


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Dean is honored to be a facilitator of the Divine Diamond. He is a certified Reiki Master, Reiki Master teacher, and practitioner of Johrei, who also channels a unique set of sound toning and light language codes to enhance his work as an intuitive healer.

He considers the greatest gift given to him via his experiences with the Divine Diamond is the profound understanding that, “Miracles and healing can be inexplicably simple and we need not know the how or why".

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Cher Carden

Fabian has been a personal trainer in the New York City area for 13 years. His awakening to become a facilitator of the Divine Diamond stemmed from his Reiki master and Vortex life form level training, and his satisfaction of helping clients achieve weight loss and fitness goals. He guides his spirituality through meditation and the teachings of Amma.

Since his initiation into the Divine Diamond, he has undergone profound changes in his life. It has helped him embody self love, self worth, and compassion. It has instilled peace in his everyday life and has shifted him to a non dual point of view. Now that he is a healer and facilitator of the Divine Diamond, he is clear of his intentions and direction his life is moving towards and is ready to pass that consciousness and love down to others.


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Filomena Pereira

Born in a deeply Catholic family, early in life she experienced an internal comfort with what she "felt" and, at the same time, a discomfort with the structures imposed on her that allowed her this ability to "feel". In a constant search for happiness and inner fulfillment, but always with some fear of change, life played her some jokes, some surprises, some tumbles that would unleash a systematic search for understanding and help.

She was then presented with the opportunity of doing the first three levels of Reiki, followed by Star Quantum Healing courses, Orishas-Reiki, Light-Body Rometria; Multidimensional Therapy, Channeling the Spirit... and then the possibility of undergoing the Divine Diamond Activation Workshops (nine at the present moment) and almost all group healing sessions facilitated by Aniruddhan.

The Divine Diamond was the most straightforward vehicle for understanding that we must love, respect and accept ourselves as we are. Only then will we be able to love others too, for what they are, despite what they are, just as they are.She sees herself as a Being of Light in constant expansion in this Universe and also a facilitating embryo of this expansion.

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Maghna is one of the Facilitators in Hawaii where she has lived and worked in the Nursing profession since 1983. Through the years, she has been actively involved in Spiritual work with a variety of teachers, counselors, and practices, and enjoys attending various workshops in search of more spiritual insight.

The Divine Diamond is a blessing that came into my life in October 2010, and has had a profound influence in my life!  With each Healing Meditation and new Sacred Star Activation, I feel more transformed on all levels, and more aware of my spiritual purpose and growth. I am experiencing a stronger grounded connection to the Earth, and a deeper presence of Heart. I have discovered that I respond differently in the world, with a powerful sense of Peace and support from the Divine. The one-one healing sessions with Aniruddhan have assisted in this process!

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Bette HansonMary is amazed and grateful to be facilitating Divine Diamond Group Healings in Honolulu. There is an unfolding taking place in her life as a result of participating with the Divine Diamond energy. She finds this unfolding extremely soul satisfying and also a great deal of fun.

Mary teaches accounting full time at the University of Hawaii and is a practicing CPA.

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Rosa Abreu

I am deeply grateful to all friendly hands that led me into contact with many of the energies that God, in his infinite love gave us, and in a particular way the one which led me to the Divine Diamond. For many years I used some of them, both in my personal life, as in business: my students were always calmer and receptive after being blessed with the light of God. But the Divine Diamond inflamed my heart in such a way that made me want to share it with others. To facilitate the energy of the Divine Diamond is to say that it is possible to get even closer to God, it is possible to disentangle tips that have been trapped for years and see and feel even more miracles. For me, this wonderful energy flows directly from God's heart. Rosa Abreu
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Rosa Graça

Rosa feels very fortunate to be a Divine Diamond Healing facilitator. All her work in energy healing has been enhanced by the energy of the Divine Diamond.

This healing and harmonizing energy helps the facilitator and the receiver feel the "Divine Miracle" happening in their own life, for the benefit of All, for the benefit of the World.

She is very grateful to the Divine Diamond.