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The Divine Diamond is a gentle, non-invasive, divine energy-consciousness that assists humanity in response to our specific invitation.  There are no requirements to receive this assistance other than intention and open-hearted receptivity. Because of its nature, the Divine Diamond can manifest in its full potential when used with true heartfelt humility, and child-like innocence and joyfulness, as Seva or service to others, for the greatest good of all existence.



There are five phases of the Divine Diamond healing meditation:  (1) Release where energetically our unnecessary attachments are severed and unhealthy habits, behaviors, beliefs, addictions and memories can be released; (2) Clearing where what was released is ready to be cleared (the Divine vacum); (3)  Rejuvenation where a flowing multi-colored golden energy, like a divine nectar, flows through the system, helping to also open and unify the system for the next phase; (4) Manifestational Peace where participants enter a deep silence, set their hearts intention and then disappear into the pure potentiality that arises through silence; and (5) Cleansing Lights where a waterfall of living crystal lights move through the body bringing in Divine information, clarity, creating more space and fluidity in the body and connecting us more deeply to our bodies, the earth and creation. The Divine Diamond Five-Stage Healing Meditation is a loving gift offered by contribution only to everyone who would like to receive it.  


Certified Divine Diamond Facilitators must have completed at least 24 hours of Intensive Workshops, received a certificate for the Physical and Spiritual Star Activation, attended at least one Facilitators Training session by Aniruddhan and signed the code of ethics in order to publicly advertise and arrange Divine Diamond Five-Stage Healing Meditations and/or offer the Divine Diamond in combination with other therapeutic arts within a public setting.  

(a) Code of Ethics for Divine Diamond Facilitators:  The code of ethics applies to any instance where Divine Diamond Healing is offered publicly or in private.  Facilitators must practice ethically and remember that they are neither incorporating nor channeling the Divine Diamond.  Facilitators should exhibit truthfulness, compassion and caring toward their clients and Divine Diamond participants.  Facilitators should honor the ethical, religious and political beliefs of their clients, participants and colleagues and respect their right to think, feel or act in accordance with their own beliefs.  Facilitators should not impose their own beliefs on clients, participants or colleagues.  Facilitators should not work with their clients or Divine Diamond participants nor provide individual sessions while under the influence of alcohol, mind-altering drugs or while sick with a communicable disease.  Facilitators must accept responsibility for informing themselves of local laws and regulations pertaining to energy healing including, but not limited to, any laws restricting the use of energy healing, any requirements or licenses needed for practicing healing in a home or public space, and any laws or regulations regarding insurance, taxes, etc.  Facilitators should keep records of each individual client's sessions whether legally required or not.  Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.  Any contact or other  information relating to  each client or participant should be properly secured, whether it is in print or electronic form.   Facilitators should not discuss their work with any client/participant which might in any way identify  and/or violate client's/participant's privacy.  Facilitators should not engage in any illegal or improper conduct.  In particular, facilitators should not, in any way, instigate any sexual advances nor tolerate same from their clients or other Divine Diamond participants.  Facilitators may not treat a child without the consent and presence of a parent or legal guardian.  Facilitators can offer feedback to their clients, but should be mindful not to intervene too much in the private affairs of their clients/Divine Diamond participants or make decisions for them.  Facilitators should neither make any medical diagnoses nor provide advice about a particular course of medical treatment or make "guarantees" about the outcome of events or sessions.  Clients or Divine Diamond participants who do not improve or who clearly need medical help must be advised to seek medical attention, regardless whether Divine Diamond sessions are continued or not.  Advertising and promotional materials must be consistent with text created by the Divine Diamond Institute, and exaggerated or misleading claims are prohibited. Except for material explicitly made available for registered facilitators, exclusively through the Facilitators' Area on the Divine Diamond's website, and to protect the integrity of the work, the use of any other copyrighted text, artwork, trademark or service mark, including but not limited to the words " Divine DiamondTM ", " Divine Diamond Group HealingSM ", " Divine Diamond Alternative Group HealingSM ", " Divine Diamond Activation WorkshopSM ", the " Om Zero " mantra, the Divine Diamond Sacred/Quantum Star image, any merchandising images, any Divine Diamond event flyer or poster, and any other text or image available online or offline, can only be done through written permission from a representative of the Institute, and in every case it must have a direct working link to the Divine Diamond website www.divinediamond.org as well as the following visible written statement " ' trademark/service mark name ' is a trademark/service mark of Courtney King Cooper (a.k.a. Amma's Aniruddhan). All rights reserved. Used here with permission. ".  In no case should any copyrighted material allowed or made available for use by Divine Diamond Facilitators (i.e. Facilitators' Poster Templates, images or text) be altered in any way, including changing shape or color, rephrasing, adding or deleting text. In case of doubt the Institute must be contacted, and a positive answer be received, before using any potentially copyrighted material, trademark or service mark that could infringe any of the guidelines mentioned in this Code of Ethics. If another therapy is used in conjunction with Divine Diamond Healing, the client/participant must be informed and agree to its use beforehand.  The use of other therapies should also be noted on the client's records.  Fees charged must be ethical and fair.  Clients must not be exploited for financial gain.  Divine Diamond Five-Stage Healing Meditations are to be offered by donation only.  Whenever the Divine Diamond is offered in combination with other therapies, facilitators may charge their usual fees for the other therapies and the Divine Diamond energy may be offered freely along with them.



Divine Diamond Activation Workshops allow for the creation of multidimensional Divine Diamond healing structures ("Stars"). Workshops may be taken for personal benefit or for the purpose of becoming a Certified Facilitator of Divine Diamond Healing.  (a) Activation Workshop Contributions:  While Divine Diamond Five-Stage Healing Meditations are offered by contribution only, Activation Workshops do require a set contribution in order to cover the cost of facility rentals, supplies, advertising/promotion, travel and other associated costs incurred with sharing Divine Diamond Healing publicly.  (b) Financial Need:  It is our intention not to deny participation to anyone who would like to attend the Activation Workshops who is legitimately unable to afford the set contribution. In such cases, potential participants may have the option to make a post dated check, make an agreed upon contribution according to their financial situation, volunteer  their services and/or offer other non-monetary forms of support.  Such requests may be made during online or on-site  registration process.  If a potential participant is not able to make a contribution, or offer volunteer services or some other type of non-monetary support,  such individual may be permitted to participate in the Activation Workshop(s) upon Aniruddhan’s approval.  (c) Childrens’ Participation:  Children may participate in workshops if they show a clear interest and desire to participate;  if their parent(s) consent and is/are present with them throughout the Activation Workshop(s); if they are able to understand the information presented and are comfortable being present for the entire workshop(s).  Contribution discounts for children are available upon request.  (d) Late Arrivals:  In order for an Activation Workshop to count towards certification, participants must be present to receive the entire transmission along with the protocol information.  Late-comers may still participate in an Activation Workshop to benefit their systems and will still be asked to pay the set contribution for the workshop.  However, the workshop will not count towards certification.