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If you are a registered facilitator of Divine Diamond Healings, please log in on the right menu.

If you are a certified facilitator and want to be able to benefit from all the resources made available by the Divine Diamond Institute, please register with us by creating your Facilitator account now.

Here are some of the benefits that registering will allow you:

  • Access the latest version of the Workshop Intensive's Protocol
  • Download official banners, flyers and posters to display during your public Divine Diamond Group Healings
  • Download official merchandising to print and make available, by donation, during your public and private Divine Diamond Group Healings to support the Institute
  • Create your own customized posters that you can download and print to announce your Divine Diamond Group Healings (NOW AVAILABLE!)
  • Submit your profile for publication in our Registered Facilitators menu (very soon...)
  • Reach more people by announcing your public Divine Diamond Group Healing in our website (very soon...)
  • Have access to premium content being developed by the Institute (soon...)

To register as a facilitator, please create your Facilitator account here.