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Aniruddhan and Gautami are meerly the custodians of this work and their energy together is represenative of the Divine Union when we have balanced our male and female energy. It is simply their intention and commitment as a couple to support others in acheiving greater internal and external balance, and helping to facilitate the connection to this beautiful work. We are both very greatful to Amma, for her love, teachings, guidance and Grace. This Divine gratitude and faith is the most important thing in both of our lives and is our constant focus in all the work we do.

The Divine Diamond is an energetic presence that is always there in our lives, like a cell phone needs a receiving dish and satellite to make a call. The Divine Diamond is equally the receiver and sender for us to connect more clearly with our Divine aspects like a Divine server, it is our DSL (Divine Spiritual Link). It is during these times of great planetary and consciousness change that we become more accessible and available, especially for those who begin to look for a greater energetic connection with our higher Mind/Selves, our Divine DNA and multidimensional aspects. 


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