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Terra Tachyon Products for Your Daily Routine …

Our Tachyon products offer a kind of energy which helps you to better and more effortlessly create your daily routine, to recognize your goals more clearly, and to become more content. The Tachyon energy, which is not visible to most of us, surrounds all products as a ”field of energy”. As you use this Tachyon energy, your body and everything else that belongs to you receives as much energy as needed at the moment, not more. Therefore, forms of overexertion do not take place which would be disturbing and tiring.

In general we can say that Tachyon energy has a balancing, regenerating and supporting effect. So Tachyons can not only be used for physical applications but also for working on emotional and spiritual issues. Whatever you personally would like to change or support, understand or create, Tachyon energy is at your service for that. The more frequently you wear a pendant or use other Terra Tachyon products, the quicker and more effortless results may be achieved. … for Your Development of Consciousness and Your Spiritual Growth

We welcome you to the experience of Tachyon energy! This energy travels through universes and is able to make new worlds accessible to you: your own world; the world of our fellow human beings; and the world of spiritual guides. Tachyons are also an energy that have a kind of consciousness which can be recognized, understood, and even one you can ask for help.

All humans long to be very close to their souls and to express and to live their full potential in this world. During these times our soul-structures often need support of a special kind in order to solve energetic ”knots”, to allow spiritual changes, and to help answer personal questions about our spiritual paths.

So we introduce to you our Tachyon products not only under aspects of physical applications but also from the perspective of spiritual growth. Terra Tachyon products can serve as companions on your personal path, and also into the reality of this day-to-day world.

An appeal to self responsibility!

Terra Tachyon products are not ‘classical medicinal’ products. They do not ”remove” things from people as a painkiller appears to do.

Terra Tachyon products are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor or healer. The Terra Tachyon products help in the sense that they offer support. Each person is responsible for his or her own life and decisions.

For further information, please check the following documentation: