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My girlfriend and I attended your workshop on April 25-27 in NYC. We had a wonderful experience and are still feeling the positive effects of the Divine Diamond almost 3 weeks later. We can't wait till to experience it again when you return at the end of June. Many thanks!!!
P & K
Good morning Anitiddhan and Gautami,

I wanted to thank you both very much for the generous blessing I received last night. No words can express all that I experienced, but know this, you both were an answer for a very important prayer to Spirit.

I feel my body has been making preparation to handle what you both gave over the past 3 months. What you both give is so powerful, and very much appreciated.

From our previous telephone conversation (I'm the lady originally from SF) I knew I had to meet you two. I was not wrong. You confirmed the healing, and that was another indication that I had to go. I drove around for an hour without finding parking, even got lost because NY is notorious for not having signs. I ended up In NJ, and drove back. I was near tears but prayed and found a parking.

My experience was many; I had numerous Outer Body experiences where I was a toddler, first with my spirit family hugging me and calling me dear one, then with my spirit guide on her lap pulling her braids lovingly, and her just playing back with love.

Physically I was vibrating head to toe almost throughout the entire experience. I felt my heart expand and pins needles sometimes itching, the energy flowing by goose bumps.

I'm a newly awakened Empath and my empath totem is the tree of life, so Mother (Gaia) being used in the form of a tree was a very powerful experience for me. I visualized and felt everything.

You touched on many things I had already dealt with but issues such as sadness, loneliness, belief was a great way for me to dispel any residue. Your emotion, passion, love, and kindness touched my heart tremendously.

In the middle of the session I knew this was where I was supposed to be. How? Many questions were answered, and out of nowhere I had a de ja vu. I dreamt I would be with you, and That makes my spirit so happy!

When you both were touching me, and I was breathing in and out to Gaia I wanted you both to know that what you shared, I will share with others til my dying breath. I hope you both felt that.

I want you both to know that yes your work is very important, and it is helping people like me, who will be healers, to accept the light with courage, love, acceptance, and purpose.

Thank you for allowing me to stay without paying, you were my true blessing this Thanksgiving, and I am truly thankful.

Much love,
Casandra K
Reiki Master, New York, New York
I haven't experienced the private healings as yet, but I did attend a group healing on November 29th at META Center. I was just interested to see what it is, and I received so much more than what I expected. Aniruddhan and Gautami reciting "Twinkle, twinkle little star... " simply opened my heart, and I'm still in that state of being. As a little girl I sang this song while looking up into the heavens feeling every bit a part of it. Thank you both... I received a wonderful healing in my heart, my body, my being that evening... It's beyond the feeling of being in Love. And, with it came some little magical events that are just tickling me all over. So simple, so sweet, so amazing. Deepest gratitude for Healing with Heart!!! OneLOVE, Barbara
Barbara Dominick
I've enjoyed offering energy healing to people for more than 30 years... I finally learned Reiki and I'm teaching now. I also work with the angels and other light beings who channel through me. I also speak and sing Light Language. But growing up all of this was familiar to me because my great Aunt did the same things, and taught me so much. Most about me is that I AM grateful to be here and to be of service in Love.!, NYC
I have been attending the Divine Diamond workshops in New York City for a year, each workshop has slowly changed my life, the awareness that my life is truly in my control...Just my saying Twinkle, twinkle I feel the power flow through my body...very powerful...
I want to thank Aniruddan and Natercia for providing workshops that continue to expand awareness... always learning something new...

Lillian Cordero
New Jersey
Lillian Cordero
New Jersey
My husband and I are so grateful to have participated in the Divine Diamond Workshop, a star filled adventure. It was relaxing, invigorating, heart opening, uplifting and expanding, yet practical. I can't put it into words-because it's Quantum, as you are. In fact, my husband was photographed with an orb near his head!
Yolanda and Peter
Retired, New York City
I went to a Divine Diamond Healing Workshop in NYC, saturday y sunday, december 1 y 2 2012. Aniruddhan and Natercia made me feel at home. The title that they use "Facilitators" is just perfect for them. They helped me, they guided me, they put all the tools that they have right in my hands. They share information using very simple and clear words, sounds and they very creative finding ways to exprese themselves. They both are very down to earth kind of people, very practical. The schedule is very simple still complete. The group of people was just great. I could feel the love and compassion in the air.It was everything that I hoped for and much more. At the end of the workshop I could feel the results of the work that we all did: Peace and Love. Thank You!
Norma O.
New York
My contact with the Divine Diamond and Aniruddhan, since the first time, almost a year ago, has been absolutely amazing. I have been taking many activation workshops and receiving many healings during this time with wonderful results. It is difficult to express in words how much quality and practical results this work has done for me, my life and the lives of those around me. I now feel more confident and much more grounded and focused. My perceptions and intuition have since started to develop. The love and healings I have received have helped me to change my sense of myself and the world I live in. There is much more peace, love and joy inside of me now, I now feel much more comfortable inside my body and I am better able to deal with my realities instead of running away from them. Before the Divine Diamond, I felt foggy, insecure and depressed. I have noticed many changes within my family also -- the relations between us are more caring and loving. The manifestation of the Diamond in my life and the intention of healing are helping to ease many conflicts and are changing negative family patterns forever. The Divine Diamond is a real gift and a blessing to anyone who wishes to receive it. It works at a very profound level of being and consciousness. It has helped me to grow and mature more and more each time I experience a Diamond activation and healing. The Divine Diamond with the e-lybra and vortex healing is something I love experiencing also, and I have received many effective healings from this work. Each time is different and deeper as each layer gets pealed away. This amazing modality is truly a work of love, simplicity, purity and innocence. I have experienced many other healing arts in the past, however, this is by far the most effective healing I have ever experienced. Everything changes inside out -- a fresh new air comes through your heart and you start perceiving and feeling who you truly are. You're home!

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to the Divine Diamond and to Aniruddhan for all the marvelous gifts I have received from both. Aniruddhan, you are a very special person and a gifted healer, doing real wonderful healing work. Thank you and blessings to you!

Thank you Divine Diamond!

Marta Rodrigues
Lisbon, Portugal
I cannot find the words to describe what the Divine Diamond Healing has done for me, so why try??? If I even think TWINKLE TWINKLE it just happens!!! Our prayers have been answered!!! Fear no more...just ask!!!
Mark Francis
Vortex healer,Journey Practioner, No-w-here
The first time I went to a group healing session of the Divine Diamond I was amazed at how "safe" I felt and how connected I felt to the earth and the universe. I was filled with a state of peace and serenity. I have been to many healing programs but none of them made me feel as "at home" as I feel with the Divine Diamond Events. My life has gradually progressed with less effort and struggle. The goals I have set for myself have been easier to obtain. My emotional issues have moved into a state of resolution. My colon health has improved dramatically and I feel calmer and more functional in my day to day life. I feel as though I have come home and I look forward to watching my quality of life improve as I continue to attend more Divine Diamond Events in the future. I am grateful to be a part of a healing program that serves the planet and all of its divine inhabitants as well as myself and my loved ones.
Cher Elyse Carden
Facilitator/Divine Diamond, New York City
Thank you Aniruddhan for holding these incredible workshops and opening up a space for people to experience the most beautiful loving and healing energy. I always walk away from your workshops feeling more connected, more expansive, and more in love...with everything! Thank you for helping me open my heart and experience peace of mind.
Los Angeles
Dear Divine Diamond, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into your presence (but You already know that). I have gone to almost every healing session in New York City since Aniruddhan has been coming here. At first, my experience with You was very serene; then you activated gentle and sweet emotions in me that were very cleansing; then, with your support, I settled into a profound state of Peace, Serenity and Relaxation. It has been these most recent series of meditations that have catapulted my inner life to new depths, and new heights. The previous sessions, while completely wonderful and nourishing, were laying the foundation of where You, Divine Diamond, have brought me up to this point – my inner world is vibrant and deep and accessible at all times. I began my meditation practice more than 20 years ago and the only time I felt this kind of unshakable peace was when I was living in India and conducting my daily spiritual practices on the banks of the River Ganges, my favorite place on the planet. I feel that the beauty and power and compassion of that eternal river are ever-present in the Divine Diamond. You have renewed my faith and cleared my path; You generously gave me a further glimpse into Yourself, which is, of course, Myself. With Effulgent Joy, Yours Very Truly.
Sharda Chaitanya
You know, it would be an understatement to say that I have tried countless modalities and numerous therapies. In fact, I have tried more than I care to remember and, yet, even as an experienced seeker, I was still blown away by the inherently powerful healing experience of the Divine Diamond.

Aside from many other memorable things, I was particularly moved by the Divine Diamond Healing workshop for it gently meets and embraces each person at the space, level and place where they are, energetically bridging them to the love that resides within them. In doing so, the resultant process of self-discovery and inner-awakening is so profound for you literally bear witness to yourself waking up from "the dream" and in that, to the opening of your own heart, to your return to innocence and to your own emergence into a new level of consciousness. In all, the process, for me, was like "coming home" in the deepest sense.

The Divine Diamond is truly a blessed gift and one that cannot be explained but only experienced. It arises from beyond this world, and yet it is the very universal animating presence that inextricably connects us all. The Divine Diamond, to me, is much more than a modality. It is an exquisite cosmic symphony, representing the life’s (or indeed, many lives’) work of one ‘evolved’ individual whose devotion to the spiritual path, and whose alignment to the vibration of love, has culminated in a magnanimous gift from spirit. A gift that serves the deepest calling of humanity to shed its chains, and reclaim liberation in the fulcrum of the arms of love itself.

I must say that writing a letter of this nature is peculiar. In fact, it is a paradox. It is a paradox for this letter purports to describe the indescribable, to reduce the irreducible, name the unnamable, resorting to words when the experience itself is that which occurs in a dimension beyond words. In this regard, language falls short, and meaning is lost when attempting to explain the experience of the Divine Diamond Healing workshop.

Even a string of superlatives like astounding, brilliant, profound and unparalleled barely convey the experience. And yet, the inherent paradox of the experience is interwoven into its very energy for, at every turn, the energy is gentle yet powerful; benign yet transformative, clearly obvious yet entirely esoteric, ineffably silent yet totally sublime. This may seem baffling to the mind yet it is utterly glorious to your spirit.

With a smiling heart and open arms
Robert Beno
I have known Aniruddhan all of his life (he is my younger brother). He has always been a deeply spiritual person. With little spiritual or religious exposure, I remember him spontaneously talking of Jesus at the age of 5. Through his life, I've watched him, in success and struggle, maintain his commitment to discovering his deep spiritual nature. And as he does now, he has always offered to share the journey and his gift.

As a person who is open, but with a healthy bit of skepticism about alternative methods of healing, I have been impressed by the power of the Divine Diamond. I've experienced it a number of times and I keep coming back - it touches me deeply. I am also impressed with Aniruddhan's honest and candid presentations. He clearly defines his role as a facilitator of the energy, not as a know-it-all guru.

If you are so moved, let me invite you to share in my brother's gift.
On Jan 3rd, I tuned into both the 5pm and 7pm Pacific Time Divine Diamond Healings since I was unsure whether you or the organizer had received my message about which time I had picked (7pm).

I'm on the East Coast, so I figured I'd try tuning in at the early time just to see if I could feel the energy, and was very surprised to find that I could feel it starting up shortly after 8pm, my time.

What I love most about the Divine Diamond energy is how gentle the energy is, and what I appreciate most is that the energy stays with you and continues to work even after the group healing has officially ended.

Last time I told you how I could still feel the energy working on my 1-1/2 hour train ride home back, and even into the next morning.

This time, since I was at home (receiving at a distance), I could feel an energetic shift in the entire house itself! The Divine Diamond energy changed the quality of the vibration in my home. This surprised me because I have received energy work at a distance before, and only feel the energetic shift internally. I have never experienced an energy that is so clearly present in the space where the receiver happens to be--and remains there to continue to heal and integrate!

Peace and Blessings,
Sharon (Anusarena)
This is Erik (Trilokan), whom you met on the plane coming over from Brazil last month...And then I took your Divine Diamond Healing in NY....I have to share with you that the second group healing I took really had a strong effect on me. My kundalini opened up and pretty much stayed that way for about a week....too bad it faded back to it's usual, somewhat cloggy state...But, at least your work showed me the Light!! So...again....big thanks for it.
All the best, Namaste,
Erik Jacobs
Hi, my name is Thomas and until last year, I was both a coach and a leader of more than seventy (70) staff in a private health insurance company. I resigned from my job after feeling burnt-out, and after being plagued by both tinnitus and a resistant virus.

I found my way to the world renown, John of God in Brazil and I found it to be quite a good place for healing. Yet, after spending some three (3) months there, I still had my symptoms. It was at that time that I met Aniruddhan and he invited me to one of his free meditations.

After the first Divine Diamond meditation my hand chakras began to radiate, and during the session I felt the shift in different energy phases, like little windstorms on my skin. Further, I felt a deep sense of cradling, as if being nurtured by Divine Mother energy, for the whole time.

After the third meditation the chakras in my feet began to open up, and radiate, and since that day I have been able to breath with the entirety of my body while sitting in meditation.

Now, my resistant virus has been ‘cured’, and my whole body feels like it has opened up enormously. So much so that I now feel a greater connection to my own heart. The result is both life-changing, inner peace and deeper degrees of love – really beautiful!

Thanks Aniruddhan, the Divine Diamond is the best energy work I have experienced!
Thomas Pfeffer
Thank you, Aniruddhan!
Thank you for a Magical Day!
Fascinating, exciting, and inspiring!

I look forward to continuing our work towards better health, and wellbeing!

I shall see you tomorrow, and possibly again on Sunday.

I love your enthusiasm towards the work you do. And very much appreciate your commitment, and dedication. Thank You!

Many Blessings and Truck Loads of Joy!

Much Gratitude,
Grace Lourenco
I had chance to visit your healing discourse at New York City between 6:00pm to 7:30pm today. It was a feeling that I fail to express in words about the bliss I have experienced. Although at the beginning thoughts were disturbing my attention, I preferred to adhere to your advise of breathing in and out while concentrating on your words. It was within the next 5 minutes that my body started to feel very light and I had a feeling that I was actually without any weight and was floating. It was in that instance that some one was coughing and I heard a voice laughing with bliss and joy. It never fails my attention to halt what I am doing to pay attention to some one enjoying the bliss and are actually laughing or smiling due to happiness. I was able to feel the innocence of a child's smile without expectation or desire and I have prayed to the Almighty: "Lord, please keep this soul happy all the time like this and do not let that smile fade away from this person". It took a few seconds and my body started to feel like a layer was getting shredded off from me without any movements of the physical body and a gentle light started to glow in front of my closed eyes. While I was enjoying that bluish green glow, I was able to feel a bright light on my face. As a shy person for any direct appreciation or probably coming into light, my eyelids started to shrink hard and the light started to get more gentle on me. I am not really sure what happened then, my physical body was awake but my mental body had only light for a long time, a very long time. My sincere thanks and humble regards for the guidance you gave and I am sure I will be destined to come once again when you visit in January and February of next year.
With Humble Regards and Sincere Thanks.
Somanath Tadikonda
Unbelievable! Imagine reciting the lyrics of a very popular English nursery rhyme as the INVOCATION to Divine Healing:
"Twinkle, twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are,
up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky."
This invocation brought joy and delight to the core of my very Being, and opened up my heart for receiving this profound Divine Diamond healing. What joy and bliss! Thank you, Aniruddhan, for this experience.
Mary Anne
My first experience with The Divine Diamond was like a gentle, all-loving embrace; total acceptance and peace. I have now experienced the Diamond energy both remotely and directly and each experience has gently revealed new, forgiving ways of looking at myself. I am better able to look upon the person I am with acceptance, forgiveness and, perhaps soon, with love. The Diamond has been very complimentary with the other healing modalities I have been involved in and, in some instances, I believe it has enhanced the experiences. I would recommend the Diamond to anyone: a person with no meditation experience to a seasoned spiritual practitioner, the Divine Diamond can truly work with anyone.
Belinda Joyce
The Diamond Healing creates a beautiful soft space to experience myself and the beauty of the heart. Thank you Aniruddhan for a beautiful healing I can take with me.
Daylene Rose
I have experienced The Divine Diamond Healing numerous times during the past couple of months. I am always surprised by how varied each experience is and the depth of relaxation I am able to reach. Having a very active mind, I have often been amazed at its ability to draw my focus back into my body and a softer space inside my heart. I have also experienced a lot of clarity and answers to problems, leaving me feeling much more balanced and centered at the conclusion. Aniruddhan creates a very safe and nurturing space for healing to occur with ease. I really go into a place of `no time and space` with an overwhelming sense of all being exactly as it should be. The Divine Diamond Healing is a beautiful, feminine and very powerful healing energy that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything Aniruddhan, lots of Love.
Michelle McGrath
A beautiful and energetically powerful experience. I continue to use and enjoy the Divine Diamond experience.
Experienced the Diamond energies three times - each unique and powerful; feeling pain as lower patterns were pulled from my body; feeling rushes and pulsations as my body received and grounded, centered, peaceful and balanced at the completion of each session. Thank you - with Love
Terrie Rolands
I have experienced the Divine Diamond Healing three times. Each experience was unique, yet every time my system - body, mind and energy system - soaked up this beautiful flow I felt completely refreshed and renewed as a result of having been touched and worked on by this gentle yet powerful loving presence.
Joseph Rolands
A healing experience like I have never experienced before. It left me defenseless, weightless and full of Love. The Divine Diamond left me soaking in Divine energy long after the healing ended.
Kevin Motzenbecker
I received the Divine Diamond Group Healing at the beginning of the year in Cambridge. Although these words don't do the healing justice, I would like to say that it was like being cared for and loved by the most loving parents who cared so very, very much for me and every little aspect of my life. In this lifetime, I have not experienced this sort of love from my parents and, I am sure, neither have they from their parents. So, as you may imagine, the twinkle twinkle little star healing will never be forgotten by me.
Thank you Divine Diamond.
Bette Hanson's facilitation of the Divine Diamond Healing inspired a host of enthusiastic responses from those who attended. People spoke of palpable energy movement sensations, grounding, and spiritual cleansing. From my perspective, the experience provided a sustained awareness of being, a sense of unity with the group, and an intuitive appreciation of how the benefits of such energy can be projected around the globe. Bette's personal warmth and willingness to welcome all questions and comments made the healing easy to access and rewarding to experience. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to attend.

--- Hunter Gaul, at The Center for Oneness, March 16, 2011."
Hunter Gaul
Ardmore, PA
The Divine Diamond is the most grounding, centering & loving energy I have ever experienced. With the Divine Diamond, my heart center has expanded Universally bringing with it a profound sense of Peace and Oneness that is beyond words. I am truly blessed and want to express infinite gratitude for all the Diamond has brought into my life.
Bette Hanson
Holistic Healer, Philadelphia, PA
I have to say that the first time I came to a Divine Diamond group session I was open but skeptical to say the least and even though I didn't think I felt anything, something kept me coming back for more. I cannot deny the changes in me. I was a person who, beneath my smile was depressed and in a constant state of stress/anxiety. The crazy thing was, because this was how I was most of my life, it felt normal to me so I didn't realize just how depressed and anxious I was. I SOOOOO did not resonate with joy that I hated the word to the point where just hearing the word would make me cringe ... SERIOUSLY. I just thought it was some annoying airy fairy, overly used, romanticised word. YUCK would be reaction when I heard someone say it.
So much has shifted in me. I now have many moments of truely feeling joy (even for no apparent reason ... imagine that ! ) and I can actually say the word, which I had a hard time doing before.
Divine Diamond - Amazing !!!
Divine Diamond Facilitator - Energy Healer (Reiki Master, Light Language, Sound), NYC
The Divine Diamond has helped me in learning how to listen and live from the heart. In just the past two months life experiences have shown me how much more that is present. It is the Divine Diamond that has opened my heart in places that were never open before, and the experience of this is evident in how much more flowing and easy life appears to be. Thank you Divine Diamond for your love and support in everyone's life.
Facilitator / Founder Divine Diamond Healing/Meditations/Workshops/Institute, Portugal, United States, Brazil
As a healer and man who’s been to just about every type of healing circle there is I haven’t experienced this type of energetic pull and cleansing as I did with the Divine Diamond healing. It was very powerful and loving. My body felt like it was being vacuumed out of all of its crud in a loving way…I am very much looking forward to exploring deeper the true sense of what the heart center and my higher self experienced during the healing, and I am left truer to my divine nature…Thank you.
New York
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