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Since each of us is a confluence of spirit, matter and love — in other words, energy — the Diamond is nothing short of our truest essence. Receiving the Divine Diamond™ is like receiving a profound, heartfelt embrace from the Divine Mother of the Universe.


Divine Diamond™ Healing is a gentle, non-invasive energy that will only assist in response to our specific invitation. The Divine Diamond™ is one with our higher Mind/Self and so it is aware of everything that comprises who we are — our life, our past, our issues and our purpose. Helping and supporting our empowerment, awakening and our truth to lead a life guided by our heart’s highest calling and truest desire. The healing deepens the more fully you trust and relax.

There are no requirements to receive the healing other than a desire for an open heart and receptivity to Divine Love and Light. This healing is available to groups as a loving gift offered by contribution only. The more you receive Divine Diamond™ Healing, the more we evolve and Divine healing light the world receives.

The Divine Diamond™ in its ability to manifest as a healing energy, is like an effulgent shower, within and without.